Ed Isaacs

Wolverhampton-based artist, Ed Isaacs, explores the world through the medium of colored pencils and pen. His large-scale drawings are created from meticulous mark making often juxtaposing incongruous imagery or exploring surfaces in minute detail.

As an enthusuastic urban sketcher, he carries his sketchbook with him everywhere. These drawings can form the basis for his larger-scale studio work or for publications that record his deep interest in travelling and topograhy.

He is a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and is currently that organisation’s Honorary Curator. His work is in collections at Wolverhampton Art Gallery and the RBSA.


Solo shows:
  • 2023 - “Drawing Places” at Wolverhampton Art Gallery (view the catalogue here)
  • 2021 - “Eros Thanatos” at Asylum Gallery, Wolverhampton
  • 2020 - “Lockdown Drawings and Other Work” at Asylum Gallery, Wolverhampton
  • 2019 - “Ring Road” at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton

Group Shows
  • 2016 - “Canal” at Lighthouse Gallery, Wolverhampton
  • 2016 - “Four Artists” at the Viner Gallery, Wolverhampton
  • 2017 - “Jewellery Quarter” at the RBSA, Birmingham

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